Banana Fish Shoes

It all started in 2012, when Juana Isola couldn't find her old school leather shoes. Thinking of it, she remembered that they were very resistent, perfect for our actually rush days. Without letting that classic look behind, she thought about having them in other colors and materials, for anyone to use, no matter the gender or age. That's when the idea began. She didn't know anything about fashion design, but it didn't stop her. Juana started looking up on the Internet and visiting different workshops. After a while she found a workshop that agreeded to work with her, uploading her idea to The project was successful, raising 142% of the goal. And you must be asking: Where did that name come from? When she was a kid, people called her "Juana Banana", and at the same time she was growing up she became a fan of literature and specifically some authors, like JD Salinger, who wrote the short story "A perfect day for Banana Fish". In her own words: "That is why Banana Fish was a nice combination between my nickname and literature.

Our brand has a young and nerd look, that why I thought it would be properly to link it with books."

The shoes are made by hand in Buenos Aires, Argentina. You can buy them on the site:

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